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Make Best Dog Food Choices For Your Pet

Nowadays there are vast number of different food items are available in the supermarket which make you confuse of what to choose. So for a better understanding of what you should feed your dog, we have done some research just for our pet parents for the convenience.

So when going through the products which are available before you chose one product, it is important to go through the ingredient manual to understand the dog feed types that are being used in such commercial preparations.

The fresh food items mostly include of dry and fresh food such as freshly cut chicken pieces in addition to the cranberry juices, blue-green algae, etc.

Dog Asking for More Food

If you come across any different kinds of preservatives and if the dog develops all of a sudden signs pertaining to the food allergy, suspect the unwanted ingredient in the feed items given. Similarly, understand about the moisture status. If the food item is having more moisture, then the dog may prefer this as well. 

Dog Eating Carrot

If you are looking for a vegetarian based diet items for your dog, Beet pulp, pasta, Soy bean oil, wheat middling, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, zinc oxide, choline chloride, etc. are often the ingredients which you can find in the label.

On the other hand if you are going for non-vegetarian based diet, raw egg, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, quail etc. are often the preferred ingredients.

Taurine in Dog Food

In dogs’ nutrition’s, Taurine is one of the essential ingredients.  Likewise, in the case of dogs feed with frozen fish items, the vitamin called thiamine needs to be supplemented as an ingredient. 

Many premium type of dog food preparations contain essential fatty acids, carbohydrates with adequate fiber contents, vitamins like A, D, E and B complex vitamins. Minerals like zinc, is also an essential ingredient for skin health status and calcium, which is an essential ingredient for bone growth, tonicity of muscles. When you are choosing the dog feed items kindly check whether these ingredients are enriched in these food items.

Essential Vitamins for your dog

Just like humans, our paw friends are also in need of essential vitamin and minerals for a strong physical growth. If there is a balance in the vitamin and mineral supplements, then the animal will have a healthy life and hence, the immunity is not compromised in an unwanted way which means the dog can strongly fight against the various diseases.

Vitamins for dogs

Pet owners should know that vitamins A, D, E, and K are the fat soluble vitamins and others are water-soluble vitamins.  Vitamins like thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin are important for the functions of nervous system.  Deficiency of vitamin A leads to night blindness and skin lesions and deficiency of vitamin D leads to the softening and weakening of the bones. 

Vitamins for Dogs

 These problems can be easily encountered by the dog owners. Among these, vitamin A toxicities may occur if you feed them in excessive amounts, like vitamin D. Hence, give emphasis on this while you are using these vitamins in the dogs. Cod liver oil from selected fishes has more vitamin A in them and are universally good feed for dogs.  

All the dogs may not in need of supplements if their daily diet is enriched with all the required nutrition. Such as if you feed them with chicken, mutton or beef along with required vegetables, artificial supplementation of mineral or vitamin tablets may be highly reduced but supplements need to be thought if they become sick or aged or very young without proper feeding, supplementations are required for the upkeep of health status in them.  However, one has to follow the instructions of veterinarian in this regard.    

Following a veterans guidelines are important because careless supplementations of minerals may lead to diseases.

Minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, copper etc. are given more emphasis in addition to sodium and potassium. Zinc is related to skin health and potassium is related to the muscle health and calcium with phosphorus is related to the bone health.   

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